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There have been thousands of stories over my 20-plus years at the Huntington (Ind.) Herald-Press.

Among those, there are ones that stand out because of the magnitude of the event. Other stories are personally special for the amount of work that went into them or that I'm proud of the writing.

In nearly all of these, there was background as to how they came about or the process of how they were put together. In some cases, the story behind the story is nearly as interesting as the story itself. Here are a few of them.


Greener Pastures.png

I don’t think the group had an official name, but they were a unique club. They all coached high school baseball in Indiana and were certainly cut from the same cloth. In other sports there would occasionally be a colorful character who gave you terrific quotes from time to time. But none of them matched these baseball coaches, and I was lucky enough to get to talk with Huntington North’s Don Sherman every spring.


Stubborn Spirit.png

Some of the most rewarding stories I’ve written have been where athletes have overcome the odds to succeed.
I’ve seen young people deal with devastating injuries, the deaths of family or friends, and defy expectation or circumstance. They are inspirations, and I’m humbled as I do the best I can to tell their stories and try to convey the feelings or emotions of the situation


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