I consider myself a student of film. I watch a lot of movies. I read about them. As a photographer, I’m always looking at how cinematographers use visual elements as part of the filmmaking. As a writer, I look at how words and the rhythm of dialogue becomes part of a movie. Then I watch them again to see what I missed. That’s not to say I don’t just sit down and watch a movie to be entertained. I do that all the time. But really watching how imagery is presented and how dialogue is used adds to the enjoyment for me. I’m not a movie critic, and I’m not trying to compile a list of greatest films. These are not reviews and some of the commentary contain spoilers of the films. Some are classics and some are not. The lists here are my personal favorites, and I attempt to explain why I like them.  I have a list of my all-time favorites, a second-level group, and remaining list by genre. I also have a section on my favorite filmmakers and why I enjoy their movies.