I came from a creative family. My father was an engineer, so he was always designing. If we needed something, Dad would build it. He was analytical, technical. From him I developed a certain spatial awareness. My Mom is more of an artist. She painted, knitted, crocheted, and designed beautiful quilts. From her I inherited my appreciated for color, shape and composition. I initially followed in my father’s footsteps, going to Purdue to be an engineer. But it wasn’t for me. It was a bit too rigid. I didn’t have the skills to be a painter, so I really didn’t have what it took to be a true artist. It was a bit too freeform. But I found out that I could create. I could design. Photography gave me just the right balance. I could only use what was in front of me to make a photo, but I was allowed to a certain amount of freedom to make it into art. Likewise with newswriting, I had parameters to work within, but yet I could use words to build a story. From there, I dabbled into computer graphics — first with newspaper design and infographics, and later into logos, posters, and website design. I continue to learn and explore. Here are a few samples of my work.