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I came from a creative family. My father was an engineer, so he was always designing. If we needed something, Dad would build it. He was analytical, technical. From him I developed a certain spatial awareness with my own designs. My mom is more of an artist. She painted, knitted, crocheted, and designed beautiful quilts. From her I inherited my appreciated for color, shape and composition. I found my niche in photography, especially in photojournalism. It was a combination of the technical and the artistic. Likewise with newswriting, I had parameters to work within, but yet I could use words to build a story. From there, I dabbled into computer graphics — first with newspaper design and infographics, and later into logos, posters, and website design. I continue to learn and explore. Here are a few samples of my work.

While working for the Herald-Press, I often had to design logos for special projects. The most visible is the swinging Huntington North Viking logo. The high school asked if they could use it for their materials, so they now use it in many ways. I've also created logos for Victory Noll, and for Huntington County Honors, among others, and helped some organizations with branding. I've even created some novelty beer labels for my home-brewing brother-in-law

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Most of my editorial work had been limited to the newspaper, where I designed and produced special sections on a regular basis. More examples from the newspaper are found HERE. At OLVM, we put out a “Visions” magazine three times a year. I also consulted on a redesign of the Harp Column magazine in 2016, and produced a cookbook for the Victory Noll Sisters.

Posters and flyers. Flyers and posters. This is part of what I do as communication coordinator at OLVM, but I also put together these kinds of materials for local organizations and individuals. In addition, I have created ads for events and promotional flyers for high school athletes.

Website design is something relatively new to me. I created the design and basic framework for the first Herald-Press website 20 years ago, but had not done much web design until more recently. I created the OLVM website and the Huntington County Honors site, and have some others in development.

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