Throughout my time at the Herald-Press, we were able to take time to dig deep on projects, adding graphics, multiple stories, stats and extended information to give our readers as much information as we could on a subject. Many times I provided infographics and/or design for sections. We compiled a huge, 8-section special edition in 1998 for the Huntington Sesquicentennial documenting the previous 150 years of the city's history. We weighed in on class basketball, the county's new biofuels plant, a flood, high water threatening the Roush Dam, and a look inside the courthouse. In the sports section, the uber-talented photographer Andrew Hancock chronicled BreAnne Miller's cancer fight and the magical 2006 Colts season. We provided the space to showcase his artwork. We put together a special section looking at the impact of baseball on the community. Each year, the Herald-Press produced basketball tournament previews for both the boys and girls  previewing not just the Vikings, but the entire regional field. It was a lot of work, but it also made Huntington fans the most-informed of any in the area. Then there were a few other daily pages I have included here that I thought were particularly special.