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As a photographer at Purdue, I had the opportunity to shoot a few concerts. Stage lights provide interesting lighting, and I found that musicians were a lot like athletes in that they show great emotion and expression as they perform. After my newspaper career, I started shooting some community events, including JeFFFest, a mid-summer arts event in Huntington that always includes music downtown. The music there has annually featured keyboardist Eric Clancy and several other musicians he performs with, including the fabulous singer Shannon Persinger, who shows up in many of these photos. My wife is a member of the organization hosting the event, so I have become the event photographer. From there, I started expanding my work shooting bands, including a local band called Plan B. Several friends of mine play in the band, so I had plenty of access. There are also some of Huntington guitarist Joe Lisinicchia and my new guitarist friend Pat Zelenka. Now I take opportunities to shoot music acts whenever I can.

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